Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sacred Ground, Vikings vs Normans, 6 points

 This will be my first game with Bernard Harris, fellow SAGA enthusiast.
  Combatants are Harald Hardradda and his Hirdman warband against and unnamed Norman

 Vikings: Harald Hardradda, Hero of the Viking Age
                Varangian Guard, 12 man unit with banner and Dane axe
                2 x 4 man Hirdsman

Normans: Warlord
                 8 mounted Knights with banner
                 2 x Sergeants foot
                 1 Sergeant with crossbow
                 1 Peasants with bow

  Vikings set up on the left, Normans on the right, Normans move first. The hill is a flat topped hill, meaning that missile armed  units must be on top to target units, unless the units are on the edge. The hill blocks line of sight. Points are scored for units in terrain features at the end of the turn, totaled at the end of turn 8.

 Norman first move, two Sergeants move towards the wood, while Peasants take position to target Hirdmen.

Vikings Varangians  move twice gaining the hill, using their banner to rest. Hardradda to the base of the hill bringing a unit of Hirdmen. End of turn one, Vikings 12 v Norman 0 points.

Normans move one unit of Sergeants into the wood, and reposition their Peasants.

The Vikings bring the rest of their Hirdmen on the hill and prepare for the impending attack. End of turn two, Vikings vs Norman 4 points

Realizing that he must destroy the Vikings the Normans maneuver to assault with their Knights. Normans also move another unit of Sergeants into the woods

Hardradda turns his Varangians to face the Knights, and moves his Hirdmen to face the weaker Norman forces. End of turn 3, Vikings 68, Normans 12.

The Normans position themselves for a coordinated assault . The Warlord moves forward with the crossbowmen.

Hardradda positions his warband and braces for the impending assault! End of turn 4, Viking 96,  Normans 18.

The assault begins with the Norman Sergeants attacking up the hill, The result, 1 Norman, Vikings 0.

The Norman Knights charged the Varangians, inflicting 7 kills, but getting destroyed in the process. A huge loss for the Varangians, but more so for the Normans. Sorry, I forgot to take the engagement picture in the excitement.

 After witnessing the horrific carnage, Hardradda  and his Hirdmen rush from the safety of the hilltop, into the crossbowman. 

They annihilate the Crossbowmen , while only losing one of their own, and turn on the Norman Warlord.

The Vikings lose one more Hirdmen, but bring down the Norman Warlord, Bringing and end to this epic battle.

 Great tactics by Bernard Harris and his Normans!  Vikings are tanks, and must use their SAGA abilities, Ullr, Frigg, and Thor as much as possible, and at the right time. Hardradda and his Varangian Guard are a fearsome force, but not invincible.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

"Death to the Varangians" "Clash of Warlords", 6 points

    My SAGA gaming friend Phil Fores, is determined to beat down my Varangian tank. The following is the saga of Phil's attempt to do so with Harold Godwinson, and brothers, along with his AngloDanes. Control of the fork, 5 points along with casualties, or death of the warlord.

Hardradda and the Varangians , 12 man unit in the middle, Bezerkers on the right, and a unit of Bondi on the left.

 Godwinson's and their forces. Ceorls in the field on the left, Godwinsons in the middle, a unit of Huscarls behind them. Bow armed Geburs on the right, a 8 man unit of  Huscarl Dane axe unit behind them.

The Geburs moved to the left and setup to harass should the Varangians take the fork. The Ceorls moved forward to cross the wall and prepare to guard the Geburs from the impending attack from the Bezerkers.

Harald and the Viking warband move forward to take the fork, while Bezerkers move around on the right to attack the flank.

With Harald's forces taking the fork, Godwinson pulled his Geburs back, their bow fire not yeiding expected results. Also a unit of Huscarl move forward to reinforce the Ceorls, facing  the Bezerkers.

Seeing the Ceorls positioning themselves, the Bezerkers determine to charge into them when the Huscarls round the corner of the building. They then charge the Huscarls with cries of Thor, Ullr, and Frigg. The result, both combatants wiped out in glorious carnages, with the Ceorls cheering with dismay and relief. Thinking to attack the Viking from behind the Ceorls rush forward, not expecting to be stopped by one lone Hirdsman warrior.

Harald, upon hearing the roar of the battle rushes to join the battle, 

Harald Hardradda rounds the corner of the fence and witnesses the carnage. Seeing the Ceorls rushing forward,  Harald charges forward out numbered 8 to1, shouting Thor,Ullr and Frigg. Three Ceorls fall in the first round of melee and a fourth in the second round, and the Ceorls fall back.
Harald enraged and bloodied again charges the remainig four Ceorls and slays another, again the Ceorls fall back, leaving the bloodied and worn King cursing them.

Sensing, Hardradda is at the end of his strength the Ceorls rush forward to exact their revenge.

This was to be Harald's final battle, taking two more Ceorls lives before falling to a grievous strike.

Yes, it would have been prudent for the warrior king to have returned to his Varangians and laid claim to certain victory, or wait for his Bondi to join him,  but that's not what sagas are written about. A sure path to Valhalla for a mighty warrior, fallen in glorious battle.

  Both sides had proxie banners, but they were never used. SAGA dice were used for SAGA abilities.