Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fields of Honor, Gameorama!

  I was  fortune enough to attend Fields of Honor, game con again. I thought I had a great time last year, this time it was even better! Trent Burg, Jeff Hyland and their wives give their all to make this con a success, as well as all the great game masters. Five full sessions of awesome gaming, with some hard game choices to make!

  Friday night I participated in Ryan Skow's,  28mm game, Down on the Farm-1970.  ZANLA guerrillas attacking a Rhodesian farm under cover of darkness, defended by well armed farmers.There was Rhodesian  police force as a relief force that showed up on a random die roll. Rules by Ambush Alley Games Force on Force, and supplement Bush Wars.

 Ryan is a master modeler and worked from photos of the real farm to make this wonderful compound. I played this twice, once as the ZANLA, then as the Rhodesians. Afterwards we sat around and discussed the scenario. Ryan ran this a couple more times Saturday morning, with many people admiring this awesome gameboard. I will post a separate review with more pictures. 

  Saturday morning I played in Trent Burg's Star Wars Starfighter game. Rebel X, Y,and A-wings attacking an Imperial convoy escorted by TIE  fighters and interceptors. Rules by Trent and minis were micro machines. I am a big fan of Trent's Warbirds in Miniature WW2 air combat rule, and this rule set is just as good. I flew 2Y wings and followed the X and A wings in the fray. Destroy the freighters and bug out was the mission.
Imperial Convoy and escorts

My Y-wings running the gauntlet!


  All Imperial Freighters destroyed, as well as a lot of TIEs . I lost a Y-wing but destroyed a freighter and a TIE interceptor. I was able to fly my two ships and work them together to defend themselves. This rule set is great and three dimensional combat blows the two dimensional. You really feel like your dogfighting, you can always add the bells and whistles of the newer game. Great job Trent, I can't wait untill you post the rules on the yahoo group! This game is FUN!

   Saturday midday I played in Jeff Guillin's  Kings Musketeers skirmish game, One For ALL, One For All!, using his own rules, Ilse de France Swashbuckler miniature rules. I played two of the King's Musketeers aiding in the search for a insolent merchant, who has defied the courts summons.
Gully running the game.
   This game was extremely fun and very Hollywood, rules easy to learn.

Saturday evening  I finally got to experience SAGA Dark Age rules. I've read  a lot about them and was anxious to play. Not your average rules,the battle boards a huge factor in the game. We were in a dark side of the room so the photos aren't great and I was more focused on the game.
My Vikings

The Bretons

 troops closed. My Beserkers were charged by his cavalry and got too  close and were decimated, Fun game I hope to play more of. My thanks to the gamemasters for providing figures and gracious opponent whole helped me learn this interesting games.

  Sunday, I had signed up to play a wild west Bar Room Brawl, but was lured to play a gorgeous 28mm WW1 trench action game. Rifle Grenadiers to the Forward SAP!  Warhammer Historicals, The Great War rules. Beautiful figures and awesome terrain provided by Jude Becker. I enjoyed myself immensely and plan to do this also, possibly in 20mm though. I will provide a later post to further detail this game .
Jude,in the white shirt

The Huns move forward

The French under mortar fire

   The will be another post on this Event showing games I did not get to play in as well as more detailed reviews of A couple of games. I'm already looking forward to my next Fields of Honor. A great convention with great people!

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  1. Thanks for posting the convention overview! When running several games it is sometimes tough for me to get around to see everything else going on so your photos are much appreciated. Good to see you this year & I look forward to Recruits in the Spring!