Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bungle in the Jungle, Ambush Valley

core rules
  Phil Flores's interest in gaming the Vietnam conflict has taken him from Charlie Company to Ambush Valley rules. Phil has a nice selection of 20mm figures and terrain that he has been collecting over the past years, off and on. Always searching for that perfect set of rules, there never is, Phil has found Ambush Valley suits him best for now. I have played in a couple of his games but never got around to posting them, and so here they are. Once at his house and another time at ConnCon, pretty much the same scenario both time, with a few minor differencess. Forces consisted of a few M113 ACAVs supported by a couple of M-48s, along with six squads of grunts, and in one game a Huey Slick. All on their way to "liberate' a VC held village. They were expected and ambushed by the garrison, luckily the main force was elsewhere. Of course the VC forces were hidden with each group represented by three dummy counter each, to be revealed on a successful spotting check. Both games were fun and very different. Phil also plays Lock 'N Loads
" Forgotten Heroes"  Nam board game, lots of fun and challenging.

Here we are at ConnCon 2012. That's Phil on the left, Greg Moore in the black tee, and Tedd Conn in the blue tee.Phil has set the game up and explaining rules and objectives.
Zippo time

Greg eyeballing that slick, he is a VC player

 Now we at Phil's house with Brad Jenison, in the white tee and glasses the on he left, and Jim Harbison the other guy sitting.
                                  Brad playing the VC, planning his ambush.

   Pictures from the games.

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