Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Recruits-Con Fall 2012


  Recruits-Con Fall 2012 has come and gone. Thanks to Duane Fleck and his band of merry men and ladies, I and many others had a wonderful game filled weekend. There were a few regulars missed but there were many new faces and venders. The thing that stood out the most to me was the large number of under 16 year old attendees, whom I refer to as the future of our hobby. Indeed this convention is aptly named and very successful in it's mission. 10 years, 20 shows, and still  recruiting!!

  There were so many great games to choose from, allocating my time was difficult. The theme was "Old School" and many veteran gamemasters brought back golden oldies from earlier shows.I could of spent the whole show walking around taking pictures, but that what the Recruits-Con website is for, check out the gallery for the latest pictures when it gets upgraded, http://recruits.mtswebsites.com/Gallery.php     

 Chris Cluckey's amazing French and Indian War, Battle of Quebec.Using John Jenkins limited edition 54mm figures and Iron Ivan Games, "This Very Ground" Rules. Chris ran this game the whole convention and always had a table full of participants.

Kenneth Van Pelt's awesome 1/35th scale WWII skirmish! Mamayev Kurgan, Break through in Stalingrad, home rules. I would have loved to play in this one

 Kenneth Van Pelt's   "N" Country, Airmobile Operations in Veitnam.. N scale, home rules.
All of the players will take the Chain of command for a US air-mobile battalion in Vietnam. The enemy encounters are generated from a deck of cards when US forces are searching areas of a valley. The encounters generated in the search mission are researched typical events that occurred for American soldiers. This is a simulation game that is difficult to decide winner and loser- only experience.

Ambush Alley Games, Contracting Trouble. This is one of my favorite AAG games hosted by Shawn and Peggy Carpenter. A ton of fun in a very small package, full of suprises!


It Came From Beyond The Still by special guest Robert Adams, ran by Mike Williams. This game is a hoot!
    Hillbillies vs. Aliens, is the ultimae miniatures skirmish game of down-home alien butt-kicking. Come play as the Hatfields, McCoys, ODaries, or Grangers and fued to the last man. Or, play the Grey aliens, blobs or The Green Menace From Uranus and probe or destroy all life on Earth. Other factions include Cultists set out to summon Great Old Ones and lessor servitors, those Meddling Kids, the Men in Black, The Boys Scouts or Revenuers. 

 16 Miniatures on a Lead Man's Chest,  28MM,  Fist Full of Seaman rules.
 Set Sail and weigh anchor in the Largest Pirate game in North America. Immerse yourself in over 700 square feet of playable terrain where you decide your scalawag’s fate. Trade goods, plunder shipping lanes, hunt for lost treasure, destroy the enemies of the crown, feast with cannibals, or haunt the seas for eternity aboard the ghost ship Petit Mort.


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