Friday, October 21, 2011

   Our club is playing a mini campaign using these rules and we're having a blast!!

   We've played one off games and they were fun, but the campaign has ramped the fun up.
   Best of all we can use any figures we want. Star Wars and D&D prepaints are most common.  I am using my old Necromunda,  AT-43, and Legions of Steel stuff that has been languishing for play.
  Game play is fun ,intense,  and full of surprises as new characters and weapons appear. One week you seem like your at the top of the food chain, with a tough  gang and cool weapons, then you make a tactical mistake, some bad dice rolls, and limp away with your survivors to rebuild.  Games can take 20 to 45 min, depending on the drama. Post game generating replacements and equipment is just as intense.
 I'm currently 2 wins one loss, but my prospects look grim considering my new recruits. My post game recruitment dice rolls were just as dismal as my previous games combat rolls. A robot with defoliant guns on each arm,  I need new dice.
                                                 My Ratskins and their Nightmare cohort.
                                                              Our first  game table.
                                                                    Tools of the trade.
                                                               My android vs a flyer
                                           Phil and Donnie in our three player game intro game
                                               Phil's gang featuring a radiation spewing clown?
                                                         The first game of the campaign.       
                                              Our objective a corral of food, we needed cows.
                                                     My gang approaches the objective.
                                                  Donnie's  gang of Wretched amble forward.

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