Friday, October 21, 2011

Tomorrrow's Wars Demos at TableTop Game & Hobby

   Here are a few shots from our first participation demo at TableTop Games and Hobby.
   Every Saturday between 10am and 4pm Jason and I will running TW's games featuring Micropanzer's  latest building and figures. If your in the Kansas City area feel free to drop by and join the fun. TableTop carries Jason's a good stock of Jason/Micropanzer's figures, and soon terrain.

The terrain boards:

The figures:
                                                          Mecha and SAS troopers   
Three mechas, left to right, Anti-Armor, rockets and chain-gun, fer right, Infantry Support, flammers, lasers,and such. and my favorite, the Close Assault, with shredder Talons to rip apart vehicles, buildings and mechas. Nasty boy indeed, don't get close to this one.
  SAS and AI support vehicle

As you can see beautiful terrain and figures.  I love Jason's mechas, they are poseable  and have variable weapons configurations. I am also a huge fan of his aliens, they really put the alien in my SciFi gaming.

  This was more of event report than an AAR, I will be posting those after this weekend.


  1. Who makes those mechs? The poseanle ones? Are the 15mm?

  2. 15mm figures and terrain courtesy of Micropanzer Wargames Studio.