Sunday, September 23, 2012

Eclipse Space Strategy Game

   Another of Angela and Donnie Williams latest acquisitions from Gencon. I consider this a worthy rival of Twilight Imperium, not better but very fun, that is until the combat starts then, viscous. Main difference is the space exploration vs knowing what solar systems are available.  Donnie introduced Eclipse to Phil Flores and I one evening and we had at it. It easy to learn mechanics, and being our first game Donnie helped us through. Eclipse is fun and not overly complex, but with a lot of strategy. Unique is having to fight NPCs over a newly discovered system. I would also say it has a high replay value with 2-6 players. Having a well organized storage system helps speed the pre game set-up.Visit  BBGs:  for a comprehensive review. Thanks Donnie for a fun evening of gaming!  
                       Last phases of the game, no place left to explore, now only war!
                                             Donnie helping Phil on ship configurations.
  ,     Phil must go through the dreaded center Galactic Council Territory to gain access for conquest.


  1. One of my current favorite boardgames.

  2. I think this is my favorite space game currently.

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