Sunday, May 22, 2011


   Finally got my 2 Highlander Studio Space Bugs packs based and primed. Had to pose them with the other toys I bought to support them. The At-43 Kolossus unit pack,  a Transformers Crossovers Capt Rex AT-TE, and a Transformers Crossovers Capt. Rex Freeco Speeder. They all screamed buy me for your Bug force, so I did.  Next stop the paint shop.
   My Titan Marines are demanding more HAMRs and  Saber class Gunships/ Dropships, as well as support weapon troops.


  1. Hi Sureshaker, great looking force, you should get some Vespulids from Khurasan to use as jump troops, what sort of paint scheme will you do?

  2. The paint will match the AT-43 Kolossus stuff. Rod at Highlander Studios is going to expand the Space Bug line with Jump/flight packs, mortar teams, and some type of assault bugs. These bugs are great and I plan to use them in other games as well.

  3. Looking good! Shall be interesting to see it painted. :)

    Hmm... that AT-TE walker is giving me an idea.
    Which version of the walker is that and roughly how big is it?

  4. I'm not sure what version it is. I left the main gun that was mounted on top off. It is a Transformers Crossover purchased at Walmart $17. It will be painter to match the three Kolossus, as will my bugs.
    It is 6.25" long 3' wide and 3" tall

  5. Thanks Sureshaker that's good to know. :)

    I think the one I'd really like is the Micro Machine version as it's a little bit smaller, but in a pinch this would do.