Friday, June 17, 2011

Tomorrow's Wars Demo for Origins

  These are the pictures from Osprey's  Tomorrow's Wars demo, made by Jason Moore, playtested by our club.  Osprey wanted a quick and dirty demo to showcase Tomorrow's War. It was to last 10-15 min per session, and demonstrate game basics. All terrain, figures, and scenario were made by Jason Moore,
Micropanzer Wargame Studio, please feel free to check out his website for better pictures of his products.

The setting is a merc force trying to recover data from a fallen recon mech. The host runs the Aliens and the guest the Mercs.

Aliens have initiative
Fallen mech  +1 cover
Mercs use advance med table

Merc force:
TQ 8  Tec 3 Armor 2d
1 x leader w/ pulse laserACR
1 x trooper w/pulse laser ACR
1 x medic w/pulse laser ACR
2 x trooper w/ pulse laser SAW

Alien Force:
TQ 6  Tec 2  Armor 2d
Command unit:
1 x leader w/ plasma slug  pistols and energy whips
4 x trooper w/ plasma slug rifle and sonic swords

Alien Swarm unit1
4 x trooper w/2 plasma slug rifle ea.
1 x trooper w/ plasma slug SAW

Alien Swarm unit2
4 x trooper w/plasma slug rifle and plasma slug pistols
1 x trooper w/ plasma slug SAW

The Mercs have found the fallen recon mech just as the alien force begins to arrive. Both sides open fire.

Aliens have advanced on merc position taking casualties, but undeterred. The mercs tighten up around their cover.

The Aliens have paused their advance and appear ready to charge the merc position.

Both charges are blunted taking casualties , but one unit makes contact and the fight is on!

 The Mercs stand tough, and decimate one Alien unit, capturing one alien as the other unit closes in. They are better in close combat with a rifle and two pistols, but their numbers are too few and they die. The Alien command unit retreats to get more fodder.

  Time limit expires and the game is called. The Alien command unit had failed it's charge attempt resulting in a failed effort. The Mercs had hung tough and completed their mission, retrieving  valuable  data banks and destroying the mech.

 It made for a short and intense demo, not intended to be a fair fight, but to demonstrate Tomorrow's Wars combat system.

Tomorrow's Wars will be officially released at Fall Recruits Con here in Kansas City, Sept. 9-11,2011. The Ambush Alley crew will be there, selling rules and hosting games. Come and meet Shawn, Peggy , and Robby Carpenter.  Jason and.Micropanzer Studio will also have a booth with these awesome figures. Visit Recruits website for details and be sure to check out the gallery of past events.

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