Friday, June 17, 2011

Tomorrow's Wars Last Stand at Red Ridge

  Our club played this scenario a four times. Twice as it was written with the Special Forces getting whacked right off the bat. and twice with modifications to the Special Forces and them beating the crap out of the Brazilians. The modifications was to give the Special Forces a TQ of D10 instead of D8. In all games the IFV was less than effective. If the Special Forces escape to fall back on the hill as a group, they become a 10 dice Cuisinart. In the unmodified games the two outside Special Forces didn't survive the first round of combat. In the modified games they survived to regroup on the hill top, and maul the Brazilian units piecemeal.  Still it's an interesting exercise.

The initial set-up
          How I make my hills.
                         Geo Hexes place on indoor-outdoor carpet, to deter tiles from shifting.
 Then carefully lay a covering of thin felt lightly over the Geo. Starting at the top then smooth down the felt over the Geo, working your way to the edges.

Add trees, buildings, roads, and such and off you go.

I had developed this from playing winter WWII games, and it looks great in white.

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