Thursday, October 11, 2012

Canvas Eagles Newbies

  My friend, Doug, asked if I could bring over a  WW2 game for his son and and his son's scout friends. They had gone to Recruit-Con and gotten bitten by the wargame bug. My WW2 stuff was in a bit of dissaray so  asked if  WW1 Canvas Eagles would do. I had been working on some rules mods and welcomed the opportunity to give them a run throughly.
   I decided to keep this event simple and focus on learning the basics, not tracking fuel or ammo. They flew 3 Dr1s vs a single Brisfit, flown by the dad, an experienced CE player. After setting up a little too far apart the boys each picked  different approach to their prey. Two were cautious Ryan skirting high on the right flank, Will on the other flank choosing a lower approach. Joe, flying a red tripe, opted for a more direct approach from a slightly higher altitude. Doug knowing the strengths of his Brisfit and weakness of the Dr1, welcomed the attack of these pups. The first casualty was Joe, although getting a stinging hit against the Brisfit, he was taken out by a Pilot Killed result, from a long burst of a single Vickers gun. Ryan and Will gasped and eyed the Bristol wearily. Too late for caution as Doug's Brisfit dove down on Will's lowflying  blue triplane. Engine hits were scored and smoke began to steam from Will's engine cowling.  Will flew past the Bristol and circled around to attack the Bristol from the rear only to fall victim to a long burst  from the rear  Lewis gun, causing Will's Blue triplane  to explode from a Fuel Tank Hit! But the Bristol was belching smoke from it's engine. Now Ryan became more hesitant, meanwhile the brothers, Joe and Will remounted their tripes and were eager for payback! At one point both the Brisfit and a tripe were spinning side by side from critcal hits, but recovered the next turn.  In the end Doug's Brisfit suffered from numerous wing hits and finally a Fuel Tank Explosion, delivered by his son Ryan, who had closed in on the ragged Brisfit.
  The boys did well for their first taste of miniatures 3D  air combat. Canvas Eagles is a bit daunting at first but plays easily after  few rounds.
 The room was a bit dark so picture quality on my iPad suffered.
left to right,Doug and son, Ryan,  friends, Joe, and his brother Will.

Rugged Brisfit

smoke aplenty

The crowded sky

Vultures circling their prey?

A good time!

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